OK Astronaut's


OK Astronaut’s is a 3D animated collection of #TBA OK Astronaut’s created to shape a new standard in Web3. The OK Astronaut’s collection was founded with three principles at core, each playing an important role in the development of the project. Creativity, Honesty and Assurance.

Our goal is to revolutionize the space by offering utilities in ways never seen before. We are a community first project committed to building true value to each and every member of our community.


  1. Second OK Astronaut’s Art development
  2. Collaboration with various DAOs and projects to attain hype
  3. giveaways
  4. Marketing
  5. More community building
  6. Second mint for OK Astronaut’s Hero’s OG’s will get airdrop to there wallet

Phase 3 Become #1

  1. DAO
  2. Make token called $Spaceheros
  3. Space Pad
  4. Meet up
  5. Start making OK Astronaut’s space video game!

RoadMap 2.0


Founder, Artist, Developer

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